0 Responses to What…? [fill in the blanks]

  1. Lee Thompson says:

    Does anybody know what Will Trenchard does at work

  2. Will Lawrence says:

    ‘What? You call that Jazz Hands’!!!!

  3. what does a man have to do to get a pair of gloves round here?

  4. New stadium. New sponsors. Why is this the only man who turns up to support us?

  5. Vernon says:

    Will the next Chelsea manager last more than 6 months and cost less than £30m. Who knows

  6. Peter O Brien says:

    Who says we cant win the Championship

  7. “WHAT? Cheeky !!!!! ……….I’m the kit sponsor…….. NOT the kit cleaner !!”

  8. glen Marshall says:

    Have I done with my piano?